DAT-Schaub met both customers and suppliers


The Anuga Fair gave DAT-Schaub an opportunity to meet partners and to strengthen the cooperation with the rest of the Danish Crown Group.

At the Anuga Fair in Cologne DAT-Schaub was for the first time part of a joint stand together with other companies of the Danish Crown Group. According to Jan Roelsgaard, there is a good deal of sense in an event like Anuga since it improves the co-operation between DAT-Schaub and the other Danish Crown Group companies.

Previously, we have gatecrashed Danish Crown's stand with a couple of salesmen and thus we have also been part of the fair. This year we have had our own part of the stand which has given good synergies between the companies. We have an identity with the other companies meaning that we can send customers their ways and vice versa.  Therefore being so close it is quite natural that we act with a common expression.

All Danish Crown's companies were present at the stand where DC Ingredients and DAT-Schaub had a common part of the stand. According to Jan Roelsgaard, it also provided a good opportunity to meet colleagues across the Group which may be helpful for the company in the long term.

An Opportunity for Market Info

Anuga has the advantage that the fair visitors come from all over the world, and thus DAT-Schaub gets the chance to meet suppliers and customers who ordinarily are distant from the company. At the same time the fair is also an opportunity to give an even better insight into the current state and possible future of the market.

  • Being together with the rest of the Danish Crown Group we can get some information from persons we do not normally have much contact with in everyday life.  The same can be said among the participants at the fair who come from the whole world and thus have insights in markets that may be of interest to us, Jan Roelsgaard says.

Anuga is the world's largest food fair and is visited by over 150,000 people from 187 different countries.

Jan Roelsgaard



DAT-Schaub establishes strong presence in South America


DAT-Schaub divests Nordic ingredients business to Orkla Food Ingredients

DAT-Schaub has signed an agreement with Orkla Food Ingredients on the sale of all its shares in the Norwegian company Arne B. Corneliussen AS, which supplies ingredients to the Norwegian food industry.

DAT-Schaub group starting operations in Spain

DAT-Schaub expands its business area to include Spain by entering a joint venture with casing


Co-operation between ViskoTeepak OY and the DAT-Schaub Group



IFFA 2016

DAT-Schaub was successfully participating with own stand at the world’s largest exhibition for the meat processing industry – IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt from 7-12 May 2016.

Organisational Change - New Production Director

I am pleased to announce that DAT-Schaub A/S has appointed John Mortensen new production director with the responsibility of the production operations in Denmark, Sweden, UK and Poland.